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Open-Source Programs Students Can Apply To In November 2021

It's November and if you're still interested in open source, congrats. You just passed hacktoberfest. There are various open-source programs happening from time to time every year. October ends don't mean open source contributions end. Many of you are definitely took part in hacktoberfest just ended and waiting for your swags. Contributing to open source is the best way to get real-world experience in software development.

Here, in this article, we’ll discuss some open source programs students can apply to in November 2021 to get involved in open source. So let’s get started.

1. Script Winter of Code (SWOC)

The Script Foundation has created an open-source program called Script Winter of Code. Its goal is to introduce students to the world of open source development and demonstrate the power of real-time unified problem-solving. The projects have been hand-picked to inspire creative thinking and collaboration among all participants.

Throughout their trip, the students will be accompanied by experienced mentors. They'll gain the skills needed to succeed in the world of software development while also developing a thorough understanding of open-source.

Program Timeline

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2. Delta Winter of Code (DWoC)

DWoC is a winter-long program organized by Delta Force, NIT Trichy's coding club. This serves as a platform for young student developers (or even beginners) to master their technical abilities by taking on projects of their interest, with the goal of supporting and improving the culture of open-source software around students.

Program Timeline

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3. Winter of Code By GDSCCU

A month-long coding extravaganza for freshers and open-source enthusiasts by Google DSC Chandigarh University.

Winter of Code is a month-long coding initiative aimed mostly at freshmen and open-source enthusiasts, akin to Google's Summer of Code. The major goal of this program is to prepare students for Google Summer of Code by giving them a similar experience in which they may learn the fundamentals of open source contributions, interact with an expert mentor, construct real-world solutions, and expand their technical skills.

Program Timeline

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4. Infinite Clone Conspiracy(ICC)

Techsahead's Infinite Clone Conspiracy is a newly organized open-source program. Its goal is to teach students about open-source programming and show how powerful real-time unified problem-solving can be. Some hand-picked projects will be hosted to urge everyone to think creatively and contribute.

Throughout the ICC program, the participants will be mentored by trained mentors. They'll get the abilities they'll need to excel in programming while also learning a lot about open-source.

Program Timeline

Screenshot 2021-11-03 234445.png

5. Winter of Code(WoC)

Winter of Code is an initiative of Developer Students Club of NSEC aiming at increasing college and university students' engagement in the Google Summer of Code program.

Students are matched with mentors from the partnering organization as part of the Winter of Code. This initiative intends to improve your ability to design real-world software in a variety of disciplines. As a result, the participating organization learns about your potential and capabilities.

Program Timeline


6. Kharagpur Winter of Code(KWoC)

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also prepares them for many open source summer programs; Google Summer of Code being one of them.

Program Timeline

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7. FOSSASIA Codeheat

FOSSASIA and OpnTec run the Codeheat coding contest from November 10, 2021 to May 11, 2022. Codeheat is separated into two month periods. After each period winners will be announced. Participants contributing at least five pull requests can get a digital certificate and with more than ten pull requests developers can win awesome prizes. Eligible issues for the contest have the label "Codeheat" on GitHub. Please join the FOSSASIA GitHub organization and get started.

Screenshot 2021-11-13 110503.png

Note: These all programs are announced and deadlines are near, so do apply if you are interested and also share with your friends. If any more open-source programs are announced and deadlines are in November, do mention them in the comments. So that I can add that program in my article for the benefit of others.I will be updating this article from time to time whole November, so bookmark this.

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