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Learning in Public

I came across a article that was posted by "SWYX", regarding "learning in public". This was a new concept to me, I've been dabbling in web dev for a couple of years now, and I haven't heard of this. The idea is simple, you publicize your learning journey. Your experiences can be helpful to someone who is trying to learn. I also think its helpful to yourself, to write out and explain a complex coding concept, to make it easy to understand. It causes you to really reflect on what you have learned, and I believe reiteration, can you to remember and ingrain your knowledge.

My Methods of "Learning in Public"

  1. Writing blog posts
    • I'll be using moving forward for my blogging, I really like the platform. I'll also be connecting the API of to my actual site to act as a CMS.
  2. Discord groups
    • I am in a couple of discord groups that have a focus on web dev and React. I've learned to not just be a observer, but actually contribute. Even if its just checking in to see how everyone is doing. While its not my favorite "public" app, it can help the group you are in, and some people are more comfortable in a small group setting.
  3. Asking and answering questions
    • With multiple online forums and boards, it is true someone has likely had and asked about a problem or bug that are having. I am not advocating that we spam, and ask the same questions that have already been answered, but maybe if you find the questions doesn't exactly meet your needs, ask or post in a different way. Or maybe if you have found a different and better answer to something you had a hard time with, post it! Chances are, someone else is going through, or will go through the same thing.


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