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Youtube-dl-gui. A sane way to download youtube videos in bulk

How to download YouTube videos in bulk?

This is one of the most asked questions in google.

But the answers include many shortcuts and paid softwares like 4k-video-downloader

Now I am using a software which is open source and free to download without any restrictions.



It started as a command line tool for downloading youtube videos, now it supports many sites.

Note: A link to supported sites is here

After sometime a GUI(graphical user interface) is also made to ease of use

This blog is a simple tutorial about how to use it without doing much google search

First of all,

Configure the software for your convenience

When downloading an entire playlist its better to have auto-increment option in the software.

playlist-index will add indexes accordingly to the video


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Adding the right format

When downloading the video you need the right resolution type and and video type possible and can be selected from home screen like this

But there is customize this too, using the Format tab in Options


Subtitles are one of the important features while watching videos, so diverse group of people benefit from the content of the video, even though they don't understand content creators' language

You can download subtitle language(s) of your choice, if you need you can embed it too(only on mp4 videos) !!!


You can add advanced features like adding authentication and proxy in the advanced tab


Sometimes internet will be down and the software don't have a resume option,

But there is something else available

When you use

-c or --continue

combining with the index of the video

---playlist-start NUMBER

to continue from where you left off


Youtube-dl-gui is very helpful for me. But no great beginner posts available.

Hope it helps!!!!

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leebinder profile image

Where can we download the youtube-dlg 0.3.4 GUI app for macOS? I only see an image in your post:


Thank you.

aswathm78 profile image
Aswath KNM

Sorry Lee

Turns out no ready to download for mac is not available. I don't have a mac. I can't help you to compile for Mac either. Sorry!!!

thobyv profile image
Thoby V ijishakin

Awesome tool man!

aswathm78 profile image
Aswath KNM

i'm not the developer of that app. I just simply made a post for beginners

aswathm78 profile image
Aswath KNM

Sure man! You are welcome

murcarybtc profile image

I downloaded the software and after adding the url when I click the start button just shows completed but in real no download how can I fix that ?