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Deploying Spring For Free Using Glitch

Spring is widely used as JAVA based application framework. It is reliable and lightweight. It is perfect not only for large application but also for our weekend project. Sometimes we need to take our apps live. Unlike node very few free hosting is available for spring. Among them Heroku is most popular.

I like to share one more free hosting option for your spring project. Glitch is providing their free service and we are happy to have a service like this. Many node and frontend developer using their free forever hosting services. Since they support maven I searched for spring project. I failed to found any so I tried to configure one.

Method 1 :

Step 1:

Create your spring project with Spring Initializr or any other tools you prefer

Step 2:

Create a file called glitch.json in your root folder

  "start": " java -jar target/*.jar",
  "install": "echo 'compiling' && mvn package",
  "watch": {
    "throttle": 500,
    "install": {
      "include": [
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Step 3:

Upload the project to GitHub and import the project to glitch using git URL. Directly upload the project using glitch file upload is also possible.

Method 2 :

For quick start you can use the remix button / fork button below and customize as you need.

Remix on Glitch


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