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Convert an email file with attachments to PDF using C#

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There are a lot of document conversion APIs and they support Email to PDF conversion. But what about the Email (.eml or .msg) attachments?
Blow is the code to convert an Email file with attachments to PDF:

var source = "sample-with-attachment.eml";
var loadOptions = new EmailLoadOptions {ConvertAttachments = true};
using (var converter = new Converter(source, () => loadOptions))
    var index = 1;
    var options = new PdfConvertOptions();
    // Note: index = 1 is the email itself, all following indexes are attachments
    converter.Convert(() => new FileStream($"converted-{index++}.pdf", FileMode.Create) , options);

For further details see this post. You can also raise your concerns on forum.

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