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What's up with Alex (me) January 2020


I am on a 2 year journey to change my environment & habits & follow my intuition and see where it takes me.

This is the post #4 and it is part of a series of posts I'm writing monthly since I moved from Barcelona and contains a mix of professional / tech & personal life stories.

You can read the first one here.

January's update

I realized I'm spending way too much time trying to figure out what to write in these monthly posts and so this time, (I'm late again, I know) I am going to put a 30 minutes timer and just make it fit in that time. (It took me 45, damn!)

Saas product

At the beginning of the month I managed to do some good progress designing some screens for the product I'm working on. You can see one here:

Portfolee's Dashboard timeline view

And also some more on the Twitter feed:

But then I got stuck with other projects and wasn't able to keep up. Hope to get back to some more progress soon.

At the same time I've started the Happy Startup School 2020 vision program, and because of this program maybe the product progress will get a little stuck.

I mean, they both serve the same goal, my intention to switch more to product based business instead of service based only, but the program will introduce me some new challenges regarding having a clear long term vision for myself and the projects I'll be dedicating my future years to.

For now we've just met our mentors and introduced ourselves and started to work on some exercises. This afternoon we have our first group call and really looking forward to it, and to the whole program as a journey, with the rest of the people on it!

Business rollercoaster & busy month ahead

Service business is going good but it gets a little intense with the ups and downs.

Personally I'm trying to do my best to sort out all priorities both in terms of making progress on existing projects & identifying the strategic steps that should be on the list on the future weeks and months.

Even so, we managed to finally launch a pretty delayed project for a client of ours: and doing some post launch tweaking now and hopefully will see this project grow in the following year.

And then there are some interesting new deals and partnerships showing up and we're looking forward to see some of those opportunities materialize.

No traveling yet

No traveling yet, didn't managed to go to Greece, but I might still try to.

And, probably in April I will be visiting Barcelona for the first time since I left, to take care of some business stuff that requires me to be there in person. Of course I'll be happy to visit my team, ex-coworkers, family & friends.

Remembering to enjoy life

Even if I'm trying to focus a lot on handling business & projects, at the same time I remember myself that time is valuable as nobody will be around forever, so, spend that time in nature, enjoy your friends and family, feel those feelings & make the best out of life.

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