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RDP Cracking Method

This guide will teach you how to crack VPS/RDP’s (Remote Desktop Connection). RDP cracking Is not a thing to Waste your time on. Even if you change the RDP Password, The owner Can recover the RDP from the Panel. This is Just Because Many Asked how to Crack RDP. If Few sites that I mentioned didn't open. Use US VPN

  • Tools You Need :


Link :
https:/ ***** /anonfile. ***** com/d709E4vabe/KPortScan_3.0_rar

Password : 123456]

✅ NLBrute


https:// **** anonfiles **** .com/R6Y7y2B6o8/NLBrute_1.2_zip

✅ IP adress list

https:// *** www **** .countryipblocks *** .net/country_selection.php

Steps :

  1. Download NLBrute and KPORT SCANNER from above links and install them

  2. Go here ?

https: **** //www.countryipblocks. *** net/country_selection.php

And copy all ip address and paste in KPORT scanner. After clicking start button dont change anything

  1. AFTER u find some IPS in count of goods..good ips automaticaly saved in results section..

  2. Now open NLBRUTE

⭕️ Go to Work Files

⭕️ Load the Good IP's that we got from KPort Scanner.

⭕️ And Load the User and Pass that is in userpass Folder. Now click generate

⭕️ Go to settings and Set Max Attempts to 1 and Threads to 800 or 900 .

⭕️ Now go to brute and click start and Wait until you get some good countrs

  1. When you get some “Good” Ip’s, it’s time to connect to the VPS/RDP.The working IP’s are stored in a .txt file. They are in the format “111.*222.*333.*444@username;password


HM Attaullah

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How can I make nlbrute uses GPU to bruteforce not CPU ??

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michaels9523684 profile image

Hi Mr Attaullah
the brute exe is asking for activation code. How do i do it?