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How to deal with Netlify and GSuite for the same domain?

One of my family's friends asked me to build a static website for them. I purchased a domain for them, and while there are many hosting options out there, I decided to go with

  • Gatsby + Netlify (redirected to their new domain)
  • GSuite for handling their domain (at 5$ they get to use their address).

Now, while the whole Netlify process is quite straightforward (I use this, as a guideline) I don't really know much about how Gsuit and how google handles an email for a specific domain.

I currently routed their domain through Cloudflare, in order to handle the DNS&co.

Any suggestions on how to host the website with Netlify, redirect to their domain and at the same time use GSuite to cater for their email needs?

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Christopher Orrick

I've migrated a business to using G Suite for Gmail, Drive and more whilst hosting a website on the same domain. Their domain is registered with the hosting provider but Google makes it super easy to set up G Suite alongside this.

From memory, all that's required is some configuration on your DNS to remove existing MX records and add the Google ones so Cloudflare (in your case) will know where to send any emails.

My best advice is to jump into setting it up, there are plenty of instructions available on G Suite Admin Help or you can always call/live chat support who have been really helpful with issues I've had in the past.

Best of luck!