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Jakob Attkinson
Jakob Attkinson

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How to learn to set up a project with various technologies?

I want to learn and practice writing a GraphQL API. I have a fun idea to build something and I want to get started ASAP.

The biggest issue is that I haven't really set up projects from ground up (Gatsby / Gridsome projects don't count).

I want to build my API using the following:

  • TypeGraphQL
  • Apollo Server (/w Koa)
  • Mysql DB + TypeORM
  • Typescript

For many front-end projects or REST APIs I can find tons of courses on Udemy and YouTube, yet there ain't much (well, anything really) that makes use of the above.

Any suggestions on how I should approach this?

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Gentrit Abazi
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Jakob Attkinson Author

Thanks. However, the project is using the Express Middlewares, not Koa....
There are tons of express tutorials, but almost nothing about Koa :(