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Good Vs Bad User Interface Design

The fundamental factors that define if a design is good or bad are its beauty and functionality. it’s not entirely about the way the designs look, but also the way they work with users. The ui ux design companies have to keep these things in mind before the work.

The followings are the characteristics of good design.

Easy to understand

Often designers don’t take these things into consideration and end up developing a product that is rather dull and unresponsive. The best way to understand how Good design looks like is to compare them with other designs. Here we have brought to your attention to some of the common mistakes that designers often make.

Unresponsive design

It’s an undisputed fact the most people use their smartphones to go online. So they should be able to enjoy all the features a website on their mobile devices. If not, It’ll definitely rub them the wrong way and they’ll immediately leave. So it’s really important to make your design adaptable and flexible to any given screen size and resolutions.

Clumsy Layout

Experts advise designers to keep their layout simple. Some people focus extensively on making the design more creative but completely neglects its usability. It’s important to make the design attractive to the eyes, but more importantly, it has to be functional. after all, that’s why users are on the page in the first place.

Improper Navigation

Users should not be confused as to where to go do so and so. It should be always perfectly in sync with the user’s expectations. All descriptions and Headers should be placed in logical orders. Buttons for each action should be intuitive. They should convey what the user wants and what you have to offer.

Illegible Texts

If customers find it hard to read the content. There is no way they will stick around there any longer. They will immediately leave and find better ones. In order to keep them engaged with your page, it’s important to keep your texts legible. We should put extra attention to finding suitable font styles, colours, sizes, length and line spacing.

Poor Contrast

If your design has colours that demand too much attention from users to read and understand. They’ll automatically drift away from your product. The overall display of your design has a huge role in engaging the users with your content. The colour combination, Size, the alignment all of it should be taken into consideration to keep the users engaged with your product. Lower contrast brings lower customer interactions and engagements.

Bad Forms

Websites and Apps often require users to fill out their info. If the forms have a bad design, the chances are users will be moving away from it. It shouldn’t be confusing and demanding too many questions and unnecessary information as they can easily make the users reluctant.

Bad UX Examples

There are many bad UX examples that we often encounter in the daily lives that rub us the wrong way. Here are some of the examples of bad UX design

Tedious and complex Password Protections

Some websites or apps require an overly complex password with demands like a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers, etc. this can prompt a user to drift away from it completely.

Long Forms with Quick resets

Long forms always give us headaches. On top of that, it also sometimes completely reset all your inputs if a single box is not filled correctly.

Newsletter Popups

This happens to all of us on a regular basis. We visit a website, within a blink there comes a full-screen pop up prompting the users to sign up. This is used to get the users to subscribe to their content. but for the users, it’s a quick turnoff.

Unsubscribe Hindrance

There are times where we try to unsubscribe from some websites. They ask many questions as to why you want to discontinue their service thus preventing us from completing the task

Immobile Pages

It’s not uncommon when we try to access a web page but they ask you to install their mobile app instead. It can be very annoying.


As of now, you must have a brief idea of how much inconvenience bad UX UI designs bring to the users. These are the common places where designers often fail to notice. Keeping track of every possible mistake and finding a solution is essential to develop products that can guarantee user interaction and engagement.
Lets discuss about dashboard design ui on next post.

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