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Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Job and Beyond

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Software development is a great skill to have in the modern world.

We can take advantage of it by making money in multiple ways.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways we can make money as a developer.

Get a Developer Job

Getting a developer job is an obvious way to make money.

There’re many kinds of developers you can be.

Popular choices include:

  • mobile developer
  • front end developer
  • back end developer
  • full stack developer
  • embedded developer
  • database developer

and many more.

They’re all high paying and there’re lots of demand since not everyone can do everything.

Also, there’s a lot of flexibility.

You can work as an employee or freelance and make money.

This means there’s a possibility that you can work anywhere or with multiple clients.

Sell Digital Products

You can easily sell digital products teaching people development skills.

We can sell products like ebooks, courses, videos, etc.

There’re many things you can teach like web development, database, mobile development, and more.

Amazon KDP is a great choice for publishing ebooks.

You have access to a big market and it has an ad platform built in so that you can build ads to promote your book.

This is something that isn’t available on all platforms.

Other websites you can sell digital products include Gumroad or your own website.


Lots of people are making money by selling their own SAAS.

SAAS is a software as a service.

You can make something that people want to use and sell it.

It’s easy to gauge what people need by building minimum viable products in a few weeks and get the feedback.

Also, we can promote it with ads to get more traffic to it.

Host Your Own Website

We can host your own website and put ads on it.

Your website should help people.

With your developer skills, you can help people with lots of things.

You can put tutorials on your own website and put ads and make money.

AdSense can make you some money, but premium ad providers like Ezoic, MediaVine, AdThrive, etc., will make you a lot more money.

Also, affiliate links can be put on your own website, and you make money when viewers click on your link and order stuff from your website.

Your site can also host sponsored content. You partner with sponsors to promote their content.

And of course, you can promote your own products like ebooks and video courses on your site.


Books are something you can write to make money.

As a developer, you got a lot to share with others.

You can write tutorials to teach people development skills.

They change all the time so you won’t run out of ideas.

Also, you can publish them in various formats like eBooks or physical books.

You can also approach traditional publishers with your book idea and write about them.

There isn’t a lot of competition for writers who are also developers, so there’s a decent that traditional publishers like Packt and O’Reilly will accept your book.

This is something that’s different from other genres which have lots of competition like fiction or self-help.


As a developer, there’re many ways to make money.

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