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Authenticating Your First React App

Auth0 provides many tools to integrate authentication into our applications. When building JavaScript apps in the past, Auth0 has recommended using the auth0.js library. Recently Auth0 has created a new upgraded library to work with authentication in Single Page Apps (SPAs). This new library was released on July 2, 2019, and is called the Auth0 Single Page App SDK.

In this tutorial ⚛️, we will integrate this Auth0 SPA SDK with the popular JavaScript library, React. We will be building it using React Context and Hooks.

Authenticating Your First React App

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Sung M. Kim

Hey Ramiro!

Auth0 posts look good. Could you share articles in full?

DEV generally asks that folks share their posts in full if possible and there is tooling provided ( to make it so that it's relatively easy to repost from outside blogs.

Hope you'll consider sharing the full post going forward.