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Creating an Emoji Game with Vue, Auth0, and Google Vision API

TL;DR: Let's face it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over applications. In the not-so-far future, most software will have AI systems embedded in it and applications without it will slowly fade away. The ability for software applications to understand data generated by users and use it for valuable predictions is fast becoming a must-have in every application. The big names in tech are not unaware of this as we see tech giants like Google, Microsoft e.t.c. launching AI and Machine learning APIs and SDKs to enable developers to easily embed these capabilities in their applications. In this article, you would make use of Google's Vision API to build a simple emoji prediction game.

What You Will Build
The application you will be building is a simple emoji game that displays a random emoji to the user, the user then has to scan a physical object around them that matches the emoji using the webcam. Google's Vision API will predict the scanned image and return results that will be compared to the emoji to see if it matches.

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