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Bachi for Auth0

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Improving the Sign in with Apple Experience with Account Linking

oday, users can choose from a variety of identity providers to suit their needs. Sign in with Apple is the latest addition to the lineup of social providers, offering a great experience to Apple users.

Sign in with Apple is optimized to work seamlessly on all Apple devices; from tvOS to macOS. Users can use the familiar FaceID or TouchID to quickly and securely sign into third-party apps. Apple also promises not to track or profile users and offers the Hide My Email option for those who would prefer to keep their email address private.

Sign in with Apple is an attractive sign-in option for many Apple users. However, it has its share of nuances. Let’s take a look at some of these nuances and how they might impact users of third-party apps.ou can take a glimpse of what you will learn about on the ebook.

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Chris C

Can't wait for this to be available across a lot of services. Although I wonder if they will adopt it esp because of the 'Hide My Email' feature. That's huge.

It's also not good for ads/marketing so I can 100% see certain companies refusing to cooperate with Apple SSO on that because...reasons ($pam)