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Introducing Learn Identity!

Tired of wrestling with remote controls and on-screen TV keyboards to enter credentials on your smart TV? You’ve dealt with it too many times, and you can bet your customers have to. What if you could help them get logged in with just a few taps on their cell phone?

Hi, Dan from Auth0 here bringing you the OAuth 2.0 Device Flow: a fast, easy, and safe way to log into apps on your Smart TV and other input-constrained devices. No keyboard? No browser? No problem!

Ordinary login can be tedious and error-heavy. The OAuth 2.0 Device Flow is lightweight, authenticates you in seconds and not only works with TVs, but also with game consoles, CLIs, printers, and much more!

Auth0 offers developers a fully compliant implementation of the OAuth 2.0 Device Flow to tackle this user experience pain point easily. Let’s learn more about what input-constrained devices are, how this authorization grant works, and how Auth0 can help.

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