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My GitHub Graveyard 2019

Following last year's trend, I've been reviewing my abandoned projects on GitHub. It has not been a good year for personal projects, but I've managed to complete zero projects and abandon at least three, and I want to share the things that I have failed to build.

Cookie Friend

Cookie Friend is a Firefox add-on to automate manual work on the arguably most famous online game ever: Cookie Clicker. I don't think I ever published it, but it was functional and had some neat tricks when I abandoned it.


Meerkat was supposed to be a minimalist web framework. I implemented a very simple functional state management on top of snabbdom. I wanted to change the virtual DOM library to superfine and iterate over the API for asynchronous effects, but at least I got it to work with a couple of simple examples.


Minuette is a Todo list CLI tool that I built to use as an example in my Introduction to unit testing with tape series. I never published the second part of the series (maybe I'll do before the year ends).

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