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Thiago Avelino
Thiago Avelino

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Why is the name of the language, 'Clojure'?

Many who did not seek the "history" thinks:

Did you pick the name based on starting with the word "closure" and replacing the "s" with "j" for Java? It seems pretty likely, but it would be nice to have that confirmed.

Rich Hickey's response (creator of the Clojure):

The name was chosen to be unique. I wanted to involve c (c#), l (lisp) and j (java). Once I came up with Clojure, given the pun on closure, the available domains and vast emptiness of the googlespace, it was an easy decision.

We have strong influence of Lisp, C# and Java languages, well-consolidated languages what trans security for you to use in your projects!

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