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So on the eve of Hacktoberfest, I started a new repo called utility-bash-scripts. It's a collection of scripts that can do useful things by simply calling a single command.

I have had these scripts in my PATH for many years and thought I should share it with the world. Therefore, I open-sourced most of my script collection and added some documentation so that others can use it as well as contribute to it.

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🤓 Useful bash scripts to do automatable tasks with a single command

🤓 Utility bash scripts

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Utility bash scripts to do automatable tasks with a single command. We have scripts to download youtube videos, download music from youtube, convert media files, etc.

Contribute and add your secret script.


Download scripts download to ~/Downloads/ folder. For videos, they download to ~/Downloads/Videos and for audio, they download to ~/Downloads/Music.

For best results, clone this git repo to a fixed location on your computer and add it to $PATH.

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/aviaryan/utility-bash-scripts.git utility-scripts
cd utility-scripts
export PATH="$(pwd):$PATH"


🔻 Download video from YouTube in MP4 format

Script: youtube-video
Dependencies: youtube-dl, ffmpeg, aria2c (optional)

youtube-video "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgfojLtSBTM"

🔀 Merge video and audio together

Script: vamerge
Dependencies: ffmpeg

vamerge <path to video file> <path to audio file>
# the order is important, first video, then audio

Now, I am here at the DEV community looking for any peers interested in sending Pull Requests to this repo. I would really like to see what cool scripts you use that I haven't realized yet.


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