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Avinash Agarwal
Avinash Agarwal

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Confused Developer

I am a C# application developer. I just started learning web development and I am overwhelmed with so many frameworks and technologies. I have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript. What should I be doing next?

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Sinisa Petkovic

Start with a proper understanding of ASP.Net MVC. Practice with controllers (API) and web pages with Razor. There are also services you'll need to get familiar with, things like authentication, authorization, caching, events, CQRS, entity framework, NoSQL databases, cloud services (API, messaging, storage, events, DB) and front-end frameworks like React or Angular.

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Ivan Jeremic

React js with TypesScript

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You could also learn Blazor, since you know C#, but the possibilities are endless.

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Sooraj Jose

Hence you have the basic knowledge in javascript, so dont waste your time start learning React Js framework