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📢 IT'S HAPPENING! Aviyel is Now LIVE on product hunt!

BIG Announcement📣: Aviyel Rewards platform is live on Product Hunt Right NOW!!

Aviyel Rewards Platform, one of our most aniticipated and most awaited features, has finally live on product hunt right now!! 🐱💜

Product Hunt

We are building Aviyel as a full spectrum OS for open source projects to analyze, motivate and engage with the community. For community leaders, our community dashboard provides a single unified interface with the most comprehensive data points for analyzing community activities across platforms. Our events platform is ideal for open source community gatherings, roadmap discussions, office hours, and more. We also have a seamless collaborative content creation platform to share and exchange knowledge. All of this is clubbed with contributions ( both code and non-code ) across various multiple platforms through our rewards platform.

Aviyel's main goal is to educate people about the advantages of using open source software and to build bridges between various groups in the open source community.


We'll send amazing gifts and surprises 🎁🎁 to the top 30 active fans/voters if we win Product of the Day on Product Hunt. There are only a few hours left, so upvote and provide your feedback as soon as possible!

Here is the link:

Aren't you pumped? We can't wait to celebrate this milestone with you!

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