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AWS re:Invent 2020 - Andy Jassy Keynote Highlights

Last year, I mentioned about not attending the re:Invent 2019 Live from Las Vegas. This year, I still sit at the same view at home with everyone going through the same experience across the globe. I don't think it's a time to be proud about, however I feel we are lucky enough to sustain our work life remotely with less hassle even during this pandemic.
The mind boggling number of registered attendees (500,000+) shows the sheer amount of interest and popularity ofAc Amazon Web Services! Period!

AWS's Innovation Strategies

What does it take to reInvent?

  • Leadership will to invent and reinvent
  • Acknowledgement that you can't fight gravity
  • Talent that's hungry to invent
  • Solving real customer problems with builders
  • Speed
  • Don't complexify
  • Use the platform with the broadest & deepest set of tools
  • Pull everything together with aggressive top-down goals

The following are the list of key service updates announced by Andy Jassy in his keynote speech today (December 1).


Habana Gaudi-based Amazon EC2 instances 

ML training powered by new processors from Intel.

AWS Trainium

ML Training Chip custom designed by AWS to deliver the most cost-effective training in the cloud. Available on EC2 or Sage Maker

Containers & Serverless

Amazon ECS Anywhere

Run ECS in your own Data Center

Amazon EKS Anywhere

Run EKS in your own Data Center. Along with Open Sourced EKS distribution.

AWS Lambda

  • Billing changed from 100ms to 1ms - Blog post
  • Run Lambds with 10Gb of memory and 6vCPUs - Blog post

Lambda Container Support

Build Lambda-based applications using existing container development workflows. Package as OCI Docker image and deploy as Lambda functions - Blog post

AWS Proton

Fully managed deployment service for microservices lifecycle - Blog post


gp3 volumes for EBS

Provisione IOPs and throughput with new gen SSDs - Blog post

io2 Block Express

The highest IOPS and throughput in the cloud - Blog post


Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 (reinvented)

Scale to hundreds of thousands of transaction in a fraction of a second.

Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 

Run SQL Server apps on Aurora PostgreSQL. Stop paying for SQL server licenses. Along with open-sourced Babelfish for PostgreSQL.


AWS Glue Elastic Views

Easily combine & replicate data from different data stores (RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB) to target data sources (S3, Redshift, Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, etc.,)

Machine Learning & Analytics

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Aggregate and prepare ML features using existing pre-loaded data preparation options.

Amazon SageMaker Feature Store

New repository to organize, find and share features 

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines

Purpose built CICD service for ML

Amazon DevOps Guru

Uses ML to identify operational issues (application issues & fixes) long before they hit customers - Blog post

Amazon QuickSight Q

Ask Q any questions in Natural Language and get answers in seconds about business data - Blog post

Customer Intelligence

Amazon Connect Wisdom

ML to delivery agents the product & service information they need to solve issues realtime. - Blog post

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Enables agents to deliver faster, more personalized customer service

Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Identify realtime impact using ML to detect customer interactions during live calls

Amazon Connect Tasks

Connect Tasks for follow-up task for agents & automate some tasks entirely

Amazon Connect Voice ID

ML powered Voice ID for real-tome caller authentication


Amazon Monitron

End-to-End equipment monitoring system to enable predictive maintenance - Blog post

Amazon Lookout for Equipment

Anomaly detection for industrial machinery - Blog post

AWS Panorama Appliance & SDK

A new hardware that allows organizations to add computer vision to existing on-premise cameras - Blog post

Hybrid Infrastructure

AWS Outposts for any location

In two new Sizes

AWS Local Zones

3 new Local Zones Boston, Houston & Miami

Other Bonus Announcements (not via the keynote)

Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public

A New Public Container Registry - Blog post

Andy's Keynote Live Blog by Jeff Barr - Blog post

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