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AWS re:invent 2021: Analytics Track

AWS released the Analytics Track last friday for next week's AWS re:invent 2021 conference in Las Vegas that will bring together a global community of technologists. The conference commences on the 29 November and concludes on the 3 December.

Analytics Track πŸ“Š

All of the highlights of the AWS re:invent 2021 Analytics track have been released on the AWS Big Data blog which you can also subscribe via email if you wish to receive the latest product updates.

Authors Imtiaz Sayed and Navnit Shukla shared on the AWS Big Data Blog a review of their highlights for the analytics tracks at the conference.

big data blog

Some of the breakout sessions include:

  • ANT215 – Introduction to AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift
  • ANT201 – What’s new with Amazon Redshift
  • ANT318 – Data lakes: Easily build, secure, and share data with AWS Lake Formation
  • ANT317 – Serverless data integration with AWS Glue

Some of the chalk talks include:

  • ANT301 – Concurrency and scalability strategies with Amazon Redshift
  • ANT302 – New use cases for Amazon Redshift
  • ANT306 – Modernize your log analytics solution with Amazon OpenSearch Service
  • ANT314 – Process streaming data using Amazon MSK & Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
  • ANT315 – Using Amazon Redshift to directly query third-party data on AWS
  • ANT405 – Enforcing data access control on Amazon EMR

Choose your own adventure - enrol into your favourite topics ✨

When you have successfully registered for the virtual conference you may login and further tailor your virtual conference experience and choose topics that you are interested in e.g. IoT, business intelligence analytics, machine learning & AI, databases, serverless, certification, compute, storage, networking and content delivery, business applications and more.

Once you have selected your favourite topics, you can enrol into the technical sessions and download and add them to your calendar.

For me, I can't wait to hear about Amazon QuickSight Q which I have enrolled into to learn more about the new product feature and practical application using natural language understanding in dashboard design with entities and authoring topics.


You may also have a look at other popular sessions currently trending that other people are enrolled into including a session with Jeff Barr on 15 years of S3.

Or you may also search for a topic using the search field and magnifying glass on the top right corner to find other sessions that you prefer to watch.

Register to attend virtually πŸš€

Although the in-person conference has sold-out, you still have 6 days to register and experience the virtual conference and reap the benefits from:

  • Keynote - Adam Selipsky – CEO, Amazon Web Services
  • Leadership session - Reinvent your business for the future with AWS Analytics

AWS Heroes

In the Attendee Guides you have the choice to listen from a range of AWS Heroes as they present topics including containers, databases, devops and more.

Industry Sessions

You will have the choice to select and hear from industries such as finance and government and hear how their application of AWS services and architecture have helped them with solving business problems to serve their customers.

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot at AWS re:invent 2021 !

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