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EC2 Spot Interruptions - AWS Fault Injection Simulator


  • AWS Fault Injection Simulator now supports Spot Interruptions, now you can trigger the interruption of an Amazon EC2 Spot Instance using AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS).
  • With FIS, you can test the resiliency of your workload and validate that your application is reacting to the interruption notices that EC2 sends before terminating your instances.
  • This blog guide you step-by-step to create FIS Experiment templates using AWS CDK

Table Of Contents

🚀 Overview of EC2 spot instance

  • Amazon EC2 Spot Instances reduce the cost up to 90% but can be interrupted or reclaimed at any time with warning in 2 mins.
  • We can use aws-node-termination-handler to ensures that the Kubernetes control plane responds appropriately to events that can cause your EC2 instance to become unavailable

🚀 Simulate Spot Interruptions architect

  • Starting the FIS experiment which sends send-spot-instance-interruptions event.
  • Use cloudwatch event rule to catch EC2 Spot Instance Interruption Warning event and then trigger lambda function for sending slack notifications.
  • aws-node-termination-handler kubernetes DaemonSet also takes action when catching the event

Now we start creating CDK stacks

🚀 Create Lambda function - send slack

  • Lambda handler parses the event to send slack message which contains event detail-type, instance ID and action
    import requests
    from datetime import datetime
    import json
    def send_slack(msg):
        """ Send payload to slack """
        webhook_url = "******"
        footer_icon = ''
        color = '#36C5F0'
        level = ':white_check_mark: INFO :white_check_mark:'
        curr_time ='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
        payload = {"username": "Test",
                "attachments": [{
                                    "pretext": level,
                                    "color": color,
                                    "text": f"{msg}",
                                    "footer": f"{curr_time}",
                                    "footer_icon": footer_icon}]}, data=json.dumps(payload), headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'})
    def handler(event, context):
        detail_type = event.get('detail-type', '')
        instance_id = event['detail']['instance-id']
        action = event['detail']['instance-action']
        message = f'{detail_type}\nresource: {instance_id}, action: *{action}*'

  • Lambda stack

    const send_slack = new lambda.Function(this, 'slackLambda', {
                description: 'Send Event message to slack',
                runtime: lambda.Runtime.PYTHON_3_8,
                code: lambda.Code.fromAsset('lambda-code/'),
                handler: 'app.handler',
                functionName: 'send-slack-spot-event'

🚀 Create event rule of spot interruption

  • The event listens to EC2 Spot Instance Interruption Warning to trigger the above lambda function

            const spot_event = new event.Rule(this, 'SpotEventRule', {
                description: 'Spot termination event rule',
                ruleName: 'spot-event',
                eventPattern: {
                    source: ['aws.ec2'],
                    detailType: ['EC2 Spot Instance Interruption Warning'],
                    detail: {
                        'instance-action': ['terminate']
            spot_event.addTarget(new event_target.LambdaFunction(send_slack));

🚀 Create FIS service role

  • IAM role for AWS FIS permissions to handle the target resources here is EC2 instance

            const fis_role = new iam.Role(this, 'FisRole', {
                roleName: 'spot-fis-test',
                assumedBy: new iam.ServicePrincipal('')
            const ec2_policy_sts = new iam.PolicyStatement({
                sid: 'SpotFisTest',
                effect: iam.Effect.ALLOW,
                actions: [
                resources: ['arn:aws:ec2:ap-northeast-1:*:instance/*'],
                conditions: {
                    'StringEquals': {'aws:RequestedRegion': props?.env?.region}

🚀 Create FIS Experiment Template

  • The experiment template includes:

    • Action: send-spot-instance-interruptions, parameter: durationBeforeInterruption PT2M
    • Targets:
    • Resource type: aws:ec2:spot-instance
    • Resource filters: State.Name=running
    • Selection mode: COUNT(1)
  • Stack

            const target: fis.CfnExperimentTemplate.ExperimentTemplateTargetProperty = {
                resourceType: 'aws:ec2:spot-instance',
                resourceTags: {'eks:nodegroup-name': 'eks-airflow-nodegroup-pet'},
                selectionMode: 'COUNT(1)',
                filters: [{
                    path: 'State.Name',
                    values: ['running']
            const action: fis.CfnExperimentTemplate.ExperimentTemplateActionProperty = {
                actionId: 'aws:ec2:send-spot-instance-interruptions',
                parameters: {'durationBeforeInterruption': 'PT2M'},
                targets: {'SpotInstances': 'spot-fis-target'}
            const fis_exp = new fis.CfnExperimentTemplate(this, 'FisExperiment', {
                description: 'Spot Interruption Simulate',
                roleArn: fis_role.roleArn,
                tags: {
                    'Name': 'spot-interrupt-test',
                    'cdk': 'fis-stack'
                stopConditions: [
                    {source: 'none'}
                targets: {'spot-fis-target': target},
                actions: {'send-spot-instance-interruptions': action}

🚀 Start experiment template

  • Start

  • Complete

  • Slack notify the event and aws-node-termination-handler action either

🚀 Conclution

  • This kind of FIS experiment help us to test the scenario of spot interruption to check aws-node-termination-handler and fault tolerance of application
  • We should also know about FIS pricing. The AWS FIS price is $0.10 per action-minute.

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