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How to redirect traffic from a domain to sub subdomain using AWS S3 and Route 53.

Scenario :

You want to redirect traffic from your main domain to a subdomain.
From the AWS documentation, its:
Apex domain ( to subdomain (, including

In my case I want to redirect traffic from to subdomain points to a landing page with HTTPS protocol.

Prerequisites :
Your Domain Name Service is Route 53 with a hosted zone
You already have an SSL certificate from ACM or any other certificate authority

Steps :

1.Create an s3 bucket with a globally unique name.Once created go to properties as shown:
Scenario :
Image description
Note that the region is North Virginia
2.Scroll to the bottom where it is written static web hosting as shown :
Image description
3.Click edit and you will see Static website hosting disabled by default. Click enable.
4.You will now see a new section: Hosting type with two options: 1.Host a static website
2.Redirect requests for an object.

5.Choose the redirect requests for an object. This is because we are not hosting a new website but redirecting traffic to another domain.
6.Once you have chosen the redirect requests for an object, enter in the host name the target domain as shown :
Image description

7.For protocol choose HTTPS.
8.Click save changes.
9.Next got to your hosted zone on Route 53 and click a create record

  1. To configure the record : Record name - leave the text box empty as we want to
    redirect to the apex domain.
    Record type is Type A : Route traffic to: enable alias and choose Alias to S3 website endpoint, choose the region where your s3
    bucket is situated
    , mine was in US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1, on the next drop-down you will find the bucket you created. See screen shot below: Image description 11.Click save and you are all set!

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