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re:Invent Week 2: Data Sessions

Week 2 is starting soon so here are my picks of the data related sessions.

  • Machine Learning Keynote
  • Using Amazon QLDB as a system-of-trust database for core business apps
  • Get started with Amazon SageMaker in minutes
  • What’s new in Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • Fast distributed training and near-linear scaling with PyTorch on AWS
  • Building a successful inventory planning solution with Amazon Forecast
  • Get deep insights about your ML models during training
  • Amazon Aurora Serverless v2: Instant scaling for demanding workloads
  • Paving the way toward automated driving with BMW Group
  • Migrating databases to Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
  • Train large models with billions of parameters in TensorFlow 2.0
  • How New Relic is migrating its Apache Kafka cluster to Amazon MSK
  • Deliver viewing experiences for super fans with Amazon Personalize
  • Running Apache Cassandra workloads with Amazon Keyspaces
  • Harness the power of data with AWS analytics
  • What’s new with Amazon Redshift
  • Power modern serverless applications with GraphQL and AWS AppSync
  • How Amazon Redshift powers large-scale analytics for
  • New use cases for Amazon Redshift
  • Beyond AWS DMS: Programs and partners to ace your migration
  •’s use of AI/ML to enhance the customer experience
  • Migrating a legacy data warehouse to Amazon Redshift
  • What’s new with Amazon EMR
  • Choose the right machine learning algorithm in Amazon SageMaker
  • Understanding AWS Lambda streaming events
  • Infrastructure Keynote (ok not strictly data services but it's always interesting to see the scale of what is powering them)
  • Serverless data preparation with AWS Glue
  • Deep dive on Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility
  • Under the hood: How Amazon uses AWS for analytics at petabyte scale
  • Building real-time applications using Apache Flink

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