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Registering a new domain with Amazon Route 53

Do you aspire to launch a professional website?

Perhaps you want to sell jewellery or promote your side hustle, let's get started with registering a new domain using Amazon Route 53.

What is Route 53?

Route 53 is Amazon's hosted Domain Name Service (DNS) you can perfom the following functions:

  • domain registration
  • DNS routing and
  • health checking

Getting Started - Tutorial

Step 1: Sign in to your AWS account to access the AWS Management Console


Step 2: On the Quick start click on the icon 'Register a domain with Route 53'

Step 3: Choose register a domain and entered the desired name and click the button 'check' to see if the domain name is available

domain name

Step 3: If the domain name is not registered and is available to use the you may proceed to add to cart and continue and enter the contact details with first name and last name

Step 4: You will receive an email from for TLDs registered by Amazon Registrar to verify your email address

verify email

Step 5: Read the terms and conditions and confirm the purchase of your domain name

Step 6: For TLD accounts, you will receive a separate email that your domain name has been registered and to and records in the hosted zone.

domain registered

Step 7: Click on the link in the email to access Working Records

Working records

I selected Route 53 as my DNS service, however you may also select another DNS provider and there are references below.

Step 8: Create records to the hosted zone

Your next step is to add records to the hosted zone. These records contain information about how to route traffic for your domain and any subdomains using one of the options below.

The full details of value or routing traffic documentation is located at the link explaining the various ways to route traffic:

  • A — IPv4 address

  • AAAA — IPv6 address

  • CAA — Certificate Authority Authorization

  • CNAME — Canonical name

  • MX — Mail exchange

  • NAPTR — Name Authority Pointer

  • PTR — Pointer

  • NS — Name server

Reference Documentation

  • Create records link

  • Public hosted zone link

  • Private hosted zone link

  • Route traffic link

  • Registering a new domain link

Happy Learning!

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