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My 7 Favorite Announcements from AWS re:Invent 2022

Were you overwhelmed by 100s of announcements at re:Invent last week? Here is the ultimate list of the 7 most important ones 💥.

Just kidding, this is only my very personal selection (as a cloud architect and an AWS Data Hero) of the announcements that I found curious, useful, or a significant step forward 🙌.

You can find my full recap of re:Invent 2022 on InfoQ.

Let me know what you think and if I missed something obvious!

RDS Blue/Green Deployments

At the beginning of the conference, AWS announced the general availability of RDS Blue/Green Deployments, a new feature for Aurora with MySQL compatibility, RDS for MySQL, and RDS for MariaDB to perform blue/green database updates. I love MySQL and I love RDS, this has to be on the top of my list.

Lambda SnapStart

Lambda SnapStart is now available for Java. It has been one of the announcements better received by developers as it addresses one of the limitations of implementing serverless Java applications.

SimSpace Weaver

The new SimSpace Weaver service targets a niche market that runs large-scale spatial simulations at scale, avoiding that a developer is limited by the computing and memory of the hardware.

Aurora zero-ETL integration with Redshift

Enabling near real-time analytics and machine learning, Aurora's "zero-ETL" integration with Redshift is now available in preview.

OpenSearch Serverless

Controversially priced, OpenSearch Serverless manages the provisioning and scaling of the resources to deliver data ingestion and query responses using ElastingSearch-compatible APIs. Not everybody is convinced that naming “serverless” every autoscaling service is a good idea.


DataZone is a management service to share, search, and discover data at scale across organizational boundaries. All the data in DataZone is governed by access and use policies that the organization can define.

CloudWatch Internet Monitor

Monitoring data about internet traffic before it reaches the application layer, Internet Monitor uses the connectivity data that AWS captures from their global networking to determine a baseline of performance and availability.

Clean Rooms

At the end of the first keynote, Adam Selipsky announced Clean Rooms. With a questionable name for a company that recently acquired iRobot, the new service (in preview) helps collaborate with other companies on AWS without sharing or revealing underlying data.

This is just a very personal and small selection of the top announcements of AWS re:Invent 2022. You can find my full recap of the conference on InfoQ.

What were your favorite announcements? I would love to know what you think 💚.

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Dennis Groß (he/him) • Edited

Waiting for Lambda SnapStart for Python & JavaScript, that's such an amazing feature 🙂