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Readymade Quiz for AWS re:Invent re:Cap from QuizHub

A community initiative from AWS User Group India and KonfHub

A casual conversation with good friend, Ganesh Samarthyam, Co-Founder at KonfHub Technologies, on my upcoming AWS re:Invent re:Cap engagements turned into a very fruitful conversation as per the golden words:

Think globally, act locally

And the result is a ready to use Live Quiz from QuizHub for AWS re:Invent re:Cap organizers

Here you go with the details
AWS re:Invent re:Cap community events are happening all over the world. To engage with the participants, we have come up with an idea to run LIVE quizzes.

We have ideated this readymade quizzes covering the following topics:

Quiz #1 - Serverless & DevOps

covering (a) Builder Experience (b) Serverless (c) DevOps

Quiz #2 - Data & AI / ML

covering (a) AI/ML (b) Data and Analytics

Quiz #3 - Compute, Networking & Security

covering the topics (a) Compute (b) Networking (c) Security & Compliance (d) Other topics.

Sample Quiz Link:

Image description


re:Invent re:Cap Quiz can be customized with the Organizer Logo, Prizes, your regional language etc with the help from KonfHub Team.

Being a community initiative, there is absolutely no cost either to use the platform or to avail the customization.

For organizers

  • Three ready-made quizzes you can immediately use to engage participants in your re:Cap event
  • Each quiz consists of 10 questions of 30 seconds each - so total just 5 minutes for running a quiz
  • QuizHub team can help setup and run the quiz
  • Leaderboard updated live during quiz play - those topping the leaderboard can be awarded AWS credits or other suitable prizes

For participants

  • NO sign-up required for playing the quiz (just name/pseudonym to be provided to play)
  • All questions are from the re:Cap sessions/slides

About QuizHub

QuizHub is free for community events and has been used in many AWS User Groups and in the community days, including AWS Community Days Pune, Kochi, Virtual Day and more.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use QuizHub:


An open invitation to AWS re:Invent re:Cap organizers across the globe to make use of this pre-built quizzes to engage with your participants and give them a wonderful learning experience.

How to get started?

Show your interest by adding comments to this blog and we can take it forward from there 🤝

Top comments (8)

aditmodi profile image
Adit Modi

Thank you @bhuvanas and @gsamarthyam for creating the quiz for the re:Invent recap sessions. As part of AWS UG Vadodara, we will be using this quiz for our upcoming re:Invent recap session on February 11th. Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

bhuvanas profile image
Bhuvaneswari Subramani

That's great to hear, @adi

@gsamarthyam & team will be all the more glad to support

gsamarthyam profile image
Ganesh Samarthyam

Yes, thank you @aditmodi for your interest - will connect with you to contribute to the reCap for your UG.

vishalcloud profile image
Vishal Alhat

Awesome @bhuvanas ! I missed this in our yesterday’s AWS UG Pune reinvent recap part 1 meetup, and I had to create the quizzes and questions for all the sessions, but enjoyed it with quizhub platform😊 Thanks to Ganesh, Shefali and confhub team for all the assistance, but for the next meetup for Reinvent Recap part 2 of AWS UG Pune held on 4th feb, it will be helpful for us to use quiz#2 and quiz#3 for the recap sessions organised on topics AI, Data, Compute network and security. Thanks for sharing👍

bhuvanas profile image
Bhuvaneswari Subramani

Thats great, @vishalcloud
@gsamarthyam and team can help with quiz #2 and quiz#3

bhuvanas profile image
Bhuvaneswari Subramani • Edited

Hurray, AWS User Group Bengaluru will be the first one to use!!
What do you say @vivek0712 and @zachjonesnoel ?

zachjonesnoel profile image
Jones Zachariah Noel

Beautiful initiative, Bhuvana. While we think of educating our local and regional UGs it's very helpful for other UGs who are also hosting a re:Cap meetup.

I'm excited to say that yes, AWS UG Bengaluru will be the first to get it in action. 🚀

gsamarthyam profile image
Ganesh Samarthyam

Awesome!! Looking forward for having re:Cap quiz in AWS UG BLR! :-) Thank you Bhuvana for your initiative!