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Adding Facebook Sign In for Web Applications with AWS Amplify

dabit3 profile image Nader Dabit ・1 min read

In this 8 minute video, you'll learn how to create a new Facebook app ID, create an authentication service with AWS Amplify, and enable sign in with Facebook in a web application.


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Hi Nader,
thanks for another super-useful video!
I was trying the same thing but with google + facebook signin, but after the login I have this error:

But I had to add this step:
In Cognito Identity Pool Edit identity pool --> Authentication Providers I added Facebook and Google+ keys because it was not working without.

In the end, after the login, when I try to use Auth.currentAuthenticatedUser();
I got this error

[DEBUG] 17:44.296 AuthClass - Failed to get user from user pool
[DEBUG] 17:44.297 AuthClass - Failed to get the current user No current user

more on this in this issue