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The Chaos Engineering Collection

A list of my chaos engineering related blog posts and open-source projects.

Series on chaos engineering

This is a collection of three articles on chaos engineering that present and discuss the different phases of the chaos engineering process.

Part 1: The art of breaking things purposefully

In Part 1 of this series, I introduce chaos engineering and explain how it helps uncover and fix unknowns in your system before they become outages in production; and also how it fosters positive cultural change inside organizations.

Chaos Engineering — Part 1

Part 2: Planning your first experiment

In Part 2, I discuss areas to invest in to start designing your first chaos engineering experiments and pick up the right hypothesis.

Chaos Engineering — Part 2

Part 3: Failure Injection — Tools and Methods

In Part 3, I focus on the experiment itself and present a collection of tools and methods that cover the broad spectrum of failure injection necessary for running chaos engineering experiments.

Chaos Engineering — Part 3

Practical Chaos Engineering

A set of articles presenting practical implementations of chaos engineering experiments.

Injecting Chaos to Amazon EC2 using AWS System Manager

In this article, I show how to inject failure into your application using AWS System Manager and opened source plenty of ready-made failure injection to get started. Try it — it’s pretty awesome!

Injecting Chaos to AWS Lambda functions using Lambda Layers

In this article, I explain how to use AWS Lambda Layers to conduct chaos engineering experiments on Lambda functions.

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Injecting Chaos to AWS Lambda functions using Lambda Layers


Collection of python scripts to run failure injection on AWS infrastructure


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