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Do you have a passion and unending enthusiasm for technology and cloud? Do you love learning and are you curious by nature? If so, then have a look here - we are hiring, and aside from being part of a great team, you will get to work with amazing customers. Work hard, have fun and make history.

Check out more here.


Use the comments to ask me anything about the role, the team or working at AWS.

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The AWS Developer Relations team engages with developers, architects and community around the globe, increasing awareness and adoption of AWS services: aws.amazon.com/developer/community/evangelists.
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Just another note for those looking not all the possible roles for DevRel are listed on that page. If you go here on jobs.amazon.com there are many many more.


For you DEV.to readers, the roles that Ricardo is suggesting are the Developer Relations, Evangelist and Developer Advocate roles.

If you like publishing AWS related articles, speaking at conferences, enjoy travelling, and helping people in-person and online adopt AWS than this is the job for you.

@dabit3 is a DevRel for AWS, maybe readers here will find some helpful suggestions to break into such a role:

Americas: Developer Relations

Role Location Job ID
Senior Developer Advocate New York, USA 1015583
Principal Technical Evangelist - Serverless Seattle, USA 938021
Senior Developer Denver, USA 1015619
AWS Developer Relations (Online Communities) Leader Seattle, USA 1026191
AWS Developer Relations (Specialists) Senior Manager Seattle, USA 1020048
Developer Advocate Mexico City, Mexico 1025899
Startup Advocate Mexico City, Mexico 1025900
Developer Advocate São Paulo, Brazil 1025898

Americas: Demo Engineering

Role Location Job ID
Technical Demo Engineer Seattle, USA 788321

Europe, Middle East and Africa: Developer Relations

Role Location Job ID
Developer Advocate London, United Kingdom 1009569
Developer Advocate London, United Kingdom 1009568
Developer Advocate Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 1016191
Principal Developer Advocate Munich, Germany 1022204

Asia-Pacific: Developer Relations

Role Location Job ID
Principal Developer Advocate Japan, Tokyo 792923
Principal Startup Advocate Singapore, Singapore 862114
Principal Startup Advocate Shanghai, China 901784
Developer Advocate Taipei City, Taiwan 786951
Developer Advocate Shanghai, China 1007654
Data Technology Advocate Singapore, Singapore 1014088
Principal Startup Advocate Bengaluru, India 999630
Head of Developer Relations and Technical Evangelism Singapore, Singapore 862768

If I had to put a name in a hat to who I would like to see become a DevRel for AWS here on DEV it would be:

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