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Why I started the Career Talk

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With AWS being very popular and now it really encompasses a lot of technology, this potentially also means a lot career are also using AWS itself directly or indirectly.

This IT Career Talk is to showcase that the IT field has varied beginnings and also varied career paths. Not many IT practitioners are invited to share their stories in the startup communities or within the public itself.

I wanted to put identities out there that perhaps one may relate to or envision themselves. This would hopefully encourage others to see which IT journey they could potentially follow OR even allow them to forge their own unique path.

Much like how we need diversity in our typical tv shows or movies, our youth (and ourselves) also needs to see the IT practitioners are human and relatable individuals.


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raphael_jambalos profile image
Raphael Jambalos

I watched the podcasts and it really helps people to have role models, especially in our industry. When we see our idols from a far, what they achieved it seems unachievable. But when we see human faces, hear their struggles and listen to their journey, the goals becomes easier to picture. These podcasts are truly inspiring :D