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Nevertheless, AxelleDRouge Coded

I started/continued to code in 2019 because...

I started to really code (and not just play a little with C) in 2016, and I have asked myself "Why did'nt I started this earlier???" many, many times since. My parents too, btw... because it would have saved a few years of study in architecture and environmental sciences (which I loved nevertheless) trying to find the best creative subject to work in.

The weirdest aspect of this? I have used and played with computers since I was barely 10 years old. I have always knew that I wanted to work with computers. But even if my father worked in computer software (as a pre-sales mostly) he didn't really liked to code, so even if I played a lot with my softwares, I never discovered the pleasure of building my own, at least with something else than a CMS or Dreamweaver. So I have searched however I could the best way to mix differents aspects of work that I loved, mostly technical studies and art, with a lot of creativity. Architectures seemed great for that, but no, it was not for me. Environmental Sciences was a subject where everything needs to be done, but no one wants to pay for it (wait for it...) then I did an internship in a software editor company to work on a software for sustainable management, and there I found it!

Since I have started, I have loved every minutes of the job. It's fulfilling, rewarding, with the challenge high enough to make me feel my brain work. The harder the algorithmn the better, if not I must learn something new. Always.
I am at home in front of my keyboard.

I deserve credit for...

Being able to write all that. You know it's against many cultures to speak that much about yourself in positive aspects. But overmodesty can only get you so far.
I am proud of being able to enjoy myself at work. It was a journey to get there, and I will have to continue to work hard to keep the journey enjoyable.

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

Learn more about itself. Sociology exists for us to be able to understand society, and communities, to improve ourselves. Assume our mistakes of the past, learn about them, and work on improving.
We should always thrive to become better than yesterday.

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Adam WaƘiƑ

Your story is almost like my own. Life is changing because of our decisions and our surroundings. I'm sure if you have friends who love programming. You will make the decision to learn programming from an early age ..

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probably yes I would have. It is why it is necessary to be open minded and try new things. Who knows, you could discover a new thing to love