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Generate a LaTeX Resume in Minutes

Focus on the data, not the style!

How about creating a LaTeX resume without even learning LaTeX!? Check out my project resume generator πŸŽ‰!

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πŸš€ Create a professional LaTeX resume in minutes!

Resume Generator

Focus on the data, not the style!


  • First clone the repository by running

    git clone or you can also download:

  • Then, install all the necessary dependencies from requirements.txt

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Check the data file at config/data.yml. Change it according to your profile.
  • Now run moban in your terminal to make the tex file of yout resume!1
  • At last, use your favorite LaTeX editor to generate the PDF file! Alternatively you can also use some online compiler like Overleaf2.

You can also use travis for generating the PDF. Simply follow the .travis.yml of this repo. You can check the rendered pdf files inside the resume/pdf folder.


Support more templates:


The resume templates are taken from the following repositories. The original tex files can be found inside the assets folder.


Here you can create a LaTeX resume by simply changing the data. For detailed instructions please see the README file πŸ“. The current template is based on sb2nov resume which has over 1.6k ⭐ on GitHub.

The obtained resume will look something like this:


Please let me know if something is not clear in the README or if you want me to add any other features. Thank you! ❀️

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