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How to Backup MySQL Database using mysqldump

Backup MySQL Database using mysqldump

One of the most common ways to backup MySQL database is to use a command called “mysqldump“.

Backing Up

The basic syntax of the command to backup mysql with mysqldump is:

mysqldump -u your_username -p database_to_backup > backup_file_name.sql 

Restoring Dumped Data

To restore a database backup we created with mysqldump, we have to point the file into MySQL again.
First, log into MySQL by typing:

mysql -u your_username -p

Second, we need to create a blank database to restore the data into. The command below create a new database which will hold all of the data that will dumped and then exit out of the MySQL prompt:

CREATE DATABASE new_database_name;

Next, we can restore the dump database file into the newly created database by using the command below:

mysql -u username -p database_name < backup_file_name.sql

You should have all your information restored to the database you’ve created.
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