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Ali Zaidi
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Go-ing Go-ing Gone! CRUD with Go

Alright, let's Go. Last tortured pun, I promise.. kind of.

Although I would classify myself as a polyglot developer, the vast majority of my backend development has been in Java 8/11. After being recommended Go by several colleagues, I gave it a go (sorry) and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity.

Coming from the land of annotations, JVMs, JDKs & CDI, it was a breath of fresh air to strip back to the basics. There's no magic in Go like there is with Java. No secret filters, no ambiguous qualifiers and no Spring minefields. Go is far more verbose and makes you jump through all the hoops. More effort typing but far less effort understanding.

Don't get me wrong, I think modern Java services are still fantastic but it's becoming increasingly difficult in an enterprise environment to utilise the newer features.

Over here

When you type in go run main.go

After dabbling in Go for a while, I decided to write a simple CRUD project and post it to Github.

The main goals of the project were to demonstrate the following :

  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Running a ReSTful web service
  • Utilising a global logger
  • Writing unit tests
  • Connecting into a Postgres DB running through Docker

Has anyone else learnt Go from a Java background?

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bensonthedean profile image

just started about a month ago. Still going through the go tour on the official golang documentation page. Although it takes a different approach especially coming from JAVA background, I am excited because i enjoy programming in go.