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How to get early access of

On 13 Dec 2021, thirdweb launches its on platform to make it possible and incredibly to build web3 applications.

thirdweb will enable you to build web3 projects such as NFT's, marketplaces, tokens, and more awesome projects in few clicks.

You can also integrate web3 features into your app using SDK's, widgets, and interfaces.

thirdweb features

To get early access of thirdweb, follow below steps:

Step-1: Go to this link

Early access to thirdweb

Step-2: Before clicking connect wallet button, make sure you have Metamask wallet and Polygon Network added in your wallet. (P.S. you can connect any wallet, to be safe you can use Mumbai(testnet) network)

Here how you can get your Metamask wallet and to add Polygon network, add below details by clicking ADD NETWORK button in Metamask.

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet
ChainID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Step-3: Now you can click connect wallet button

Step-4: After connecting your wallet, you can select polygon network from drop down.

Step-5: Successfully message shall appear as below image shown


Now you have minted Free early access NFT 😉, enjoy!

To view your thirdweb early access NFT

Go to your OpenSea account, if you don't have create one by connecting your Metamask wallet.

After creating, go to your profile section and click the HIDDEN TAB, you can view there.

By clciking bottom 3 dots on that NFT, click unhide.

Here's how Early access membership NFT looks: click here

Hurray! Welcome to Web3.

If you have any questions let me know in the comment section. Happy to help here :)

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This was really helpful, Thank you for your efforts!!
Appreciate it