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All you need to know about Azure Applied AI Services

Azure Applied AI Services

We have announced Azure Applied AI Services today. I am getting questions from viewers of the Build Session. I want to give you all the asnwers before you ask in FAQs section, all the links you need and say I am here to answer any of your questions.

TLDR: Applied AI Services makes it easier to implement a full AI solution for specific tasks, like digitilazing documents or managing your Video Assets. Azure Cognitive Services are the building blocks of Applied AI Services, and are still available for anyone to build anything. Applied AI is task specific services; Cognitive Services are general purpose services. Applied AI Services additionally let's you use your own Machine Learning Models if you want to, Cognitive Services doesn't have that option.

Important links:


  • Are Applied AI Services new?

Applied AI is a new category, but the services are not necessarily new. For example, Form Recognizer, Metrics Advisor have been around and Azure Video Analyzer is merging

  • What are the Applied AI Services?
    Azure Form Recognizer, Azure Metrics Advisor, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Bot Service, and Azure Immersive Reader. We are also introducing Azure Video Analyzer, which brings Live Video Analytics and Video Indexer closer together.
    Who is Applied AI Services are for?
    Power Platform users, aka citizen developers, through AI Builder.
    Domain experts through UI, ex:
    Form OCR Testing Tool - Microsoft Azure
    Web site created using create-react-app

  • Any developer willing to work with REST APIs, SDKs.

  • Machine Learning experts who want to use their own models in containers.

  • What happened to Cognitive Services?

Nothing! We contunie to develop and develop with Azure Cognitive Services.

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