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Apache Spark and OSS Data Adventures [Create: Data]

"For each input source, Spark Streaming launches receivers, which are tasks running within the application’s executors that collect data from the input source and save it as RDDs. "

― Holden Karau, Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis


Few, what an experience, alright.
Want to catch up with Holden and Cheryl session? You can watch it on demand -> here.

For watching more sessions from Create: Data on-demand, click here.

So, Create: Data FREE event is just around the corner. We are beyond excited to have Holden sharing her adventures with Apache Spark. How has the changes in Big Data and AI impacted technology, and how will we use it?

Holden and Cheryl share in this session what’s new with Spark and some of the best practices and how you can keep yourself up-to-date in this space.

Join the party!

The event is free but subject to pre-registration here. We are happy to take all your questions and comments.

See you there!

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