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Michael Crump for Microsoft Azure

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Azure sessions: The Live Coders Conference on April 9th.

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Hey all,

With conferences everywhere being canceled or postponed, The Live Coders team didn't want to let prepared talks to go waste and decided to put on a free (all-day) online conference on April 9, 2020. They will be featuring several Azure sessions and others hosted by Azure Advocates, but there is content everyone will enjoy.

In case you aren't familiar with the team, we are an outgoing and enthusiastic group of friendly channels that write code, teach about technology, and promote the technical community.

Learn who our speakers are and what the schedule looks like below:

Conference Part A

  • 05:00 PST: Pre-stream warmup - Hosted by LuckyNoS7evin
  • 06:00 PST: Conference Starts
  • 06:15 PST: Timmy Kokke (aka. sorskoot) - "How to build a WebXR Game in 13KB"
  • 07:15 PST: Andy Morrell (aka. LuckyNoS7evin) - "Finding your niche to stay relevant, in your career"
  • 08:15 PST: Carey Payette (aka. codingbandit) - "Using Azure IoT Central to form a basis for your IoT Solutions"
  • 09:15 PST: Jochen Lillich (aka. FullStackLive) - "How to build up resilience and keep burnout at bay"
  • 10:15 PST: Suz Hinton (aka. noopkat) - "Techniques for Interacting with Microcontrollers in the Browser"
  • 11:15 PST: Nina Zakkharenko (aka. nnjaio) - "Debugging Python: Goodbye Print, Hello Debugger"
  • 12:15 PST: Nick Larsen - "Reproducing AlphaZero"
  • 13:30 PST: Stream party - Hosted by LuckyNoS7evin

Conference Part B

  • 15:15 PST: Liz Phillips (aka. illuminatedspace) - "Getting Your Second Coding Job"
  • 16:15 PST: Jones S. Cropper (aka. caLLowCreation) - "Developing tools for developers"
  • 17:15 PST: Mary Jo Staebler - "Using a boilerplate to create a WordPress Plugin"
  • 18:15 PST: Trezy (aka. TrezyCodes)- "A11y from the ground up"
  • 19:00 PST: An interview with one of our sponsors
  • 19:30 PST: Michael Crump (aka. mbcrump) - "Azure for Developers: In Plain English"
  • 20:30 PST: Erik Guzman (aka. talk2meGooseman) - "Writing your first Twitch Extension"
  • 21:30 PST: Mahmood Hikmet (aka. sadmoody) - "The Trolley Problem Problem: Talking About the Ethics of Self Driving Cars"
  • 22:30 PST: After Party

For details, check out The Live Coders Conference.

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