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AzureFunBytes Episode 11 - Combos! @Azure and @datadoghq with @ryan_maclean

jaydestro profile image Jay Gordon ・1 min read

This time, we start our first AzureFunBytes series: Combos! Discover products from that help you get more from your Azure experience. To help me, @ryan_maclean from @datadoghq! Just in time for #KubeConEu we’ll see how Azure Kubernetes Service and Datadog combo!

We'll work on creating an AKS cluster and then discuss how we can monitor, find pain points and alert our team about a microserviced web application.

AzureFunBytes! - Byte-sized content with a live Twitch show!

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me!

Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EDT Thursday. You can also find the recordings there as well.


Join me, ask questions, and learn about Azure!

Useful Docs:
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - https://cda.ms/1vq
App Service documentation - https://cda.ms/1vr
Azure Container Registry documentation - https://cda.ms/1vs
Microsoft Learn: Azure Fundamentals - https://cda.ms/1jV
Microsoft Azure: $200 Free Credit https://cda.ms/1tj

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