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AzureFunBytes Episode 33 - CLI Goodies and @GitHub Codespaces with @bbenz

Tricks and tips to make your Azure experience always help. This time on AzureFunBytes we'll enjoy some command-line goodness with one of my favorite Cloud Advocates, Brian Benz. Whether it's good ol' Windows CMD, bash, or Azure CLI we're always looking for ways to leverage the tools we can use for the cloud. We will take a look together at how these CLI tools come together to give you an awesome experience on Azure.

Brian and I talk about GitHub Codespaces! The ability to have a dev environment almost anywhere is such a huge win for developers. GitHub Codespaces can be found right in your browser, Visual Studio, or even Visual Studio Code. With Codespaces you can set up ssh keys, get your dependencies, and start committing your new changes to your application.

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me!

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Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EST Thursday. You can also find the recordings here as well:

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