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AzureFunBytes New Episode Reminder - 9/3/2020 2 PM EDT - DevOps on @Azure w/ @DonovanBrown

jaydestro profile image Jay Gordon ・1 min read

New #AzureFunBytes - 9/3/2020 at 2 PM EDT.

This week, my guest is Donovan Brown! Donovan will join me to discuss DevOps! We'll discuss how bringing people and process together improves the experience for our customers. Donovan will help me "rub some DevOps" on some deployment targets we'll spin up to ensure repeatable, reliable releases.

We'll take questions, discuss how Donovan got his start and tons more.

AzureFunBytes! - Byte-sized content with a live Twitch show!

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me!

Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EDT Thursday. You can also find the recordings there as well.


Join me, ask questions, and learn about Azure!

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DevOps at Microsoft
What is Azure Pipelines?
What is Azure Repos?
What is Azure Boards?
Azure DevOps Documentation

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