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AzureFunBytes Short - @Azure Storage

jaydestro profile image Jay Gordon ・1 min read

AzureFunBytes - A Twitch show on how to use all the fundamentals that are Microsoft Azure.

This time we talk about storage options on Azure!

Follow AzureFunBytes on Twitter - https://twitter.com/azurefunbytes and Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/azurefunbytes for updates on future episodes.

Links for you!

Introduction to the core Azure Storage services - https://cda.ms/1k4
What is Azure Blob storage? - https://cda.ms/1k5
Introduction to Azure managed disks - https://cda.ms/1k6
Use the portal to attach a data disk to a Linux VM - https://cda.ms/1k7
Microsoft Learn: Core Cloud Services - Azure data storage options - https://cda.ms/1k8
Microsoft Learn: Azure Fundamentals - https://cda.ms/1kb
Microsoft LearnTV - https://cda.ms/1kc
Get $200 in free Azure credit along with 12 months of free services - https://cda.ms/1k9

Microsoft Azure

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