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Building an Azure Static Web App with GraphQL

At Microsoft Build we launched the preview of a new product, Azure Static Web Apps. This is a product I've been wanting for years on Azure as I've done a lot of static websites on Azure (see Cutting Azure Costs for DDD Sydney) but they were always been a bit clunky, especially when it comes to integration with a backend. I have it working for some apps, but there's a lot of infrastructure overhead.

But now, with Static Web Apps, it's a whole lot easier as it's designed for this by using a combination of static hosting and Azure Functions. We've got some fantastic docs (I wrote the Hugo, Gatsby and VuePress docs 😉) that will get you up and running on all things Static Web Apps.

It's one thing to read the docs, and another thing to learn how to actually build something, so at Build I decided to put myself to the test and try to build and deploy an app in ~30 minutes. You'll find the video in the Microsoft Build YouTube playlist but what you might notice about it is that it's a lot of copy and pasting of code, and not a lot of actually writing code.

Well, it's time to really put my money where my mouth is and go about building the application, and to do that I'm going to try out Twitch and do a live stream of how we can build the app.

I'm going to kick off at 11.30am (Sydney Time) Friday 5th June, between now and then I'm going to try and work out how to use Twitch, and we'll see if I can do this without resorting to copy/paste all the time! 🤣

So, come join me on Friday and we'll see if we can't build this app!

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