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How YOU can deploy your resume in 2 min using Azure Static Web apps

TLDR; In this post, you'll deploy your resume to the cloud using Visual Studio Code and Azure Static Web Apps.


Creating your resume

Writing a resume is an important activity in landing your first job as a student. It's also important later in life for those times you're looking to grow in your career.

Azure Static Web apps

Azure Static Web Apps is an Azure service that lets you deploy simpler static sites as well as web apps built in a SPA framework. It even lets you add an API to build a fullstack app.

In short, there's a great grow up story.

Tools for deployment and app lifecycle

Azure Static Web apps lets you deploy using more than one way, you can use of any of the following approaches:

How it works

Azure Static Web apps does more for you than just deployment. In fact, it handles the complete app dev lifecycle. The first time you deploy, it creates a CI/CD pipeline so that any future changes, you only need to focus on pushing commits to GitHub. The rest, to redeploy, is all taken care of by a .yml file created in a .github directory in you repo. High-level, here's what's going on:

Deploy the first time

  • Project deployed.
  • .yml file created in repo creating a CI/CD pipeline.
  • GitHub actions deploying everything using the .yml file above.

Future changes

  • You push commits to your repo
  • Everything is built and deployed using GH actions and your .yml file.

Deploy your resume

To deploy our resume, we need the following software installed.


To deploy our resume, we need the following:

  • A GitHub account and we need to be logged in.
  • Visual Studio Code installed.
  • Azure Static Web Apps and VS Code extension installed.


In this deployment, you can definitely create your own resume and repo or create one from this template.

If you start with static files (not from a GH repo), you will get some questions below regarding Git.

  1. Type (Command + P or Control P) to open the command palette.
  2. Type "Azure Static Web Apps: Create Static Web App" to start the deployment process.
  3. Select your subscription
  4. Select "Create" when asked to create a Git repo as well as GH repo (if you start with only static files, if you start from a repo, you won't get this question)
  5. Enter a commit message, you can select what it proposes, i.e "Initial commit"
  6. Enter name of static web app
  7. Enter name of GH repository (it will be created for you)
  8. Select a region
  9. Select "Custom" as preset
  10. Enter location of application /
  11. Enter location of build output, clear this field.

From here, it should be deploying your project - Congrats, your resume is online


You learned how you can deploy your resume in minutes using Azure Static Web Apps and Visual Studio Code.

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