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Introducing Azure Sphere Developer Learning Path Labs on GitHub

IoT security is a critical challenge touching every aspect of our lives. Security is complex, expensive, and ever-changing as hackers become more cunning. Azure Sphere builds on decades of Microsoft and industry security experience with a unique blend of hardware, device and cloud services that enables you to create “Secure by default” IoT solutions.

The Azure Sphere Developer Learning Path is a series of labs designed to ease you into the world of Azure Sphere development with the Avnet and Seeed Studio Azure Sphere development boards.

The labs cover Azure Sphere security concepts, secure bi-directional cloud communications, how to integrate FreeRTOS Real-Time applications with the Azure, and over the air updates, with more labs to follow.

Learn more about Azure Sphere

These labs include several libraries used to abstract underlying complexity allowing you to focus on the problems you are trying to solve with cleaner and more manageable code. You are free to use these libraries in your projects and contribute back.

Start, or reignite your Azure Sphere development projects and learn how to build “Secure by Default” IoT solutions with the “Azure Sphere Developer Learning Path” labs.

Learning Modules

Learn more about "The Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices".

For questions and support head to Azure Sphere Support.

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