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Join Us Live Tomorrow for All about Edge DevTools!

As a "full-stack" developer who's more comfortable on the backend, I've always struggled to debug the web when faced with tricky CSS, JavaScript that isn't behaving, and page elements that don't render like they're supposed to.

Want to learn how to investigate and debug web-based issues in the browser along with me?

📺 Tune in Oct 6th at 9am PDT on

I'll be using the DevTools built into Microsoft Edge browser, a new cross-platform Chromium-based web browser.

Joining me will be Rachel Simone Weil, a Product Manager for Edge DevTools who'll walk me through investigating different scenarios like CSS problems, rendering issues, device emulation, and much more.

Watch the live stream to learn along with me and ask questions in chat from Edge DevTools engineers Brandon Goddard, Brian Cui, Jose Leal Chapa, and Patrick Brosset.

Want to learn more?

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