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How to Learn Power BI

A lot of questions on how to get started with Power BI, and I keep on sending the same links repeatedly😢. I will be sharing all the links from videos to written contents.

Power BI is a big data and visualization tool that is connected to different products within the Microsoft technologies. Power BI is part of the Power Platform team of applications, others are Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. To learn about them, read my article:

Do you want to understand the fundamentals of Power Platform?

Now let’s go to the learning proper

The first place to check when you decide to learn Power BI is the Microsoft Learn. Microsoft Learn is like the university library of Microsoft and it houses all products tutorials you will need to get started in your Power BI journey. The first link is

There are 3 collections which you might want to study

  1. Getting Started with Power BI :

  2. Become a Data Analyst: There are 6 learning pathways and this learning paths helps you sit for your DA100 exams.
    a. Get Started with Microsoft data analytics
    b. Prepare data for analysis
    c. Model data in Power BI
    d. Visualize data in Power BI
    e. Data analysis In Power BI
    f. Manage workspaces and datasets in Power BI

  3. Develop with Power Platform:

The Power BI tutorial on Microsoft Learn currently has 5 learning paths

  1. Consume data with Power BI :
  2. Create and use analytics reports with Power BI:
  3. Get Started with Microsoft data analytics :
  4. Introduction to developing with Microsoft Power Platform:
  5. Use DAX in Power BI desktop : This module is important to do, don’t miss it

There are two ways to download Power BI desktop on your system:

  1. Through Microsoft Store
  2. Click on the link

Now let’s go to video contents

Microsoft has a dedicated YouTube channel , you need to follow and turn on notification. Click on the playlist and you will see all the contents you need to get started, some of the playlists are

  1. Power BI Desktop:
  2. Getting Started with Power BI service:
  3. Power BI Tour:
  4. Analyze and Visualize Data with Power BI :
  5. General Overview:

You can follow YouTube channels, some are

  1. David Abu:

  2. Guy in a cube:

Power BI documentation :

Power bi support:

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I am really appreciate your effort in presenting this valuable information and resources for learning Power BI which it may take hours and hours to discover th e right way to learn Power BI and achieve the Microsoft DA100 certificate.
Thank you, David 👌

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David Abu

Thanks for the feedbacks

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Sunmonu Ibikunle

Good one

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David Abu

Thank you Sunmonu