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Let's talk about Serverless Security – Create:Serverless


Join us for a half-day of conversations this 30 Sep 2020, at Microsoft Create: Serverless and connect with the experts and community members to discuss how you can run code for any application without having to manage servers.

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Serverless Security with Guy Podjarny.

Serverless implicitly helps tackling security concerns by pushing the handling of them to the underlying platform. A few notable ones:

  1. Unpatched operating systems: Serverless takes away the need to patch your own servers, the platform is responsible for managing the OS for you and patches it well
  2. Denial of service attacks: extreme elasticity naturally deals with bad traffic that might try to use up your capacity so that you cannot serve you legitimate users
  3. Long standing compromised servers: Immutable and short lived servers prevent or reset malicious agents

So, with that, Serverless helps with all these things, but it doesn't get all the job done. There's a lot of responsibility that still lives with you, the developer. Let's dig into what those responsibilities.

We're going to go through them in a model called CLAD:

  1. Code - A function’s code may contain vulnerabilities attackers can exploit.
  2. Libraries - Known vulnerabilities in application dependencies are easy ways in for attackers.
  3. Access - You may give excessive access to sensitive data or functions initially or over time.
  4. Data - you may store or access data insecurely, risking leaks or tampering.

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Want to know more? Join us on Sep 30th, at 9:05 AM (PDT) to discuss the changes for security with the introduction of 'Serverless'; Which security concerns does the platform take away? Which security risks may get elevated? And most importantly, Guy and I will also share how you can protect your serverless applications.

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